The Age of Offense

Welcome to the Age of Offense.

If you’re offended already by this post then I am equally offended that you haven’t even given it a chance.

But that’s okay, I am not offended. Really, I’m not.

However society increasingly is.

Just what is offense?

Why are our interpersonal relations with fellow citizens in a supposedly civilized society tainted with the spirit of offense?

Annoyance. Resentment. All brought about by a “perceived” insult or disregard to one’s “standards”.

Couple of key words there.

“Perceived”. How many times have you misperceived someone?

“Standards”. We don’t have one set of standards necessarily.

It’s not surprising that this 21st century social phenomena is occurring.

However offense is also defined as “a break of law or rule; an illegal act”.

Since there are no saints in leadership, or true leaders for that matter,
it’s not surprisingly that what goes on at the top trickles down to the rest of us.

And we have every wrongdoing going on left and right.

Just read your Facebook newsfeed and you’ll be wanting to shut yourself indoors permanently.

It boils down to how we treat each other. If we weren’t doing such a shoddy job of it, I think we wouldn’t have so much offense to pass around.

So if you find yourself getting the least bit offended by others, stop and think is there something about yourself that may offend them.

Post your offenses below. Ready, aim, fire!


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