Deadly Years

Deadly Years

You don’t have to look hard to find truth, and there’s people who will point you in the right direction.

One direction is in the tv and movie culture we consume. Messages and mysteries lie therein. Many nuggets can be found in the old Star Trek series of the 60s.

One such show is “The Deadly Years”: Season 2, Episode 12. Kirk and key members of his crew go to a planet with a colony that has aged rapidly. Only two are found still alive. This affects everyone in the landing party except Chekhov. It was later discovered in the show that he was the only one who reacted with fear at the sight of a dead human. Meaning his adrenaline kicked in and prevented him from aging unlike the others. They race to create it since they had stopped producing it for something else. It reverted everyone back to their youthful selves just in time except for the yeoman who died.

The adrenaline made them young again.

If there wasn’t anything so obvious to those in the know, I don’t know what is.

Obvious to those with eyes to see in a modern storytelling of this “youth-making potion” is in the movie “Doctor Sleep”-Stephen King’s sequel to “The Shining”. A group of evil, vampiric people who know no age or death —complete with a Marina Abramovich look-a-like— hunt children to feed off of and make themselves forever young.

Watch either of these and your eyes will hopefully not be wide shut.


Censorship Madness

Censorship Madness

Feeling stifled, maybe? The past year up until now has been a running theme pertaining to all things oral: you can’t breathe, you can’t speak, you just need to shut up and put up. Shattered World Media has been off Facebook for a while now thanks to their ban for a video that has been commonly posted everywhere and published by The New Yorker. There’s only so many times you tolerate being called a “terrorist” or “fake news” when you are sharing previously posted videos in an aggregation fashion. Meaning that’s what we do: we collect news preferably in video clips from all over the world to form a tapestry of information for you to decide how YOU want to think about it and react to it. While Facebook has taken on the role of a draconian Commie-publisher, it won’t allow YOU to do that, and it won’t allow us to post without threat of digital annihilation. Everything has become stupid. EVERYTHING.

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We wouldn’t know where to begin in the censorship tragedy of our page or as we refer to it, the “unrelenting harassment”. It started last year when the bottom dropped out of everything and the SWM page took off with several viral videos. (We had started the page back in 2015 but hadn’t solidified a direction.) Those viral videos have since been removed from our page. Whatever growth we saw in the beginning -with nearly 19 million visitors to the page- has been shut off completely to 0. We have documented everything and even sent a letter to Senator Ted Cruz in hopes that something would be done. Interestingly after that letter was sent perhaps coinciding with the Big Tech hearings, Facebook backed off. They backed off so much that they started sending emails to get us to spend money to advertise our page. Yea sure then they ban admin from posting.

Now a month later, a violation notice comes through for a meme posted back in August 2020. Guess who’s on that meme? Some kid starting with the name beginning with a “K”. Sounds like they’re trying to ERASE REALITY, huh? Perhaps this censorship run amok by Big Tech is their collective “cognitive dissonance” to reality and real people? They live in an alternative reality of lollipops and unicorns clearly, and if you’re not in it well then, you’ll go to the digital gulag. The physical gulag is around the corner. Canada is starting off with hotels and hefty fines. Madness, sheer madness.

To return to Facebook or not, is the question.

So will SWM return to Facebook? The resounding answer is most likely no. They threatened permanent deletion of the admin’s accounts and they’ve killed engagement on ALL the pages we manage. It’s basically posting for nothing. All the content created over the years was only to be mined for data and sold, making one singular person a billionaire who now lords over our first amendment rights in that robotic “Star Trek Data” manner. Is Mark Zuckerberg a robot, clone, alien shapeshifter or plastic dummy? We may never know but with the recent expose on Facebook by the banned Project Veritas, this company has too much power and has done too much damage. Break up Big Tech. They need to eat humble pie.

Oh the last time we were locked out on Twitter was due to reposting a video from Project Veritas. So we don’t repost those on our Twitter, we merely like their videos. It’s only a matter of time before they wipe out James O’Keefe from Twitter.

So many voices silenced and sorely missed. We were shocked to find investigative reporter, Paul Sperry wiped. Guess Thanos is real.

Break up Big Tech. They need to eat humble pie.

Alt Tech is the Way

Follow us on the no glitches, no hitches, no censorship zones of MeWe and Telegram. Gab and Parler still have serious struggles in server attacks and poor coding (Parler). The incessant “Invalid Key” error is most annoying and nothing has been fixed on Parler.

It’s hard to get people to move to other platforms unless they themselves have felt the censorship for their own personal accounts. If you haven’t been put in Facebook jail, you’re probably the person that will let a friend drown just save to yourself. Trust us, we know those types, they’re all smiles and unicorns until you go through a rough spot and they are no where to be found.

So yes it’s hard to move followers to a new platform. It’s a comfort zone and there’s a learning curve to a new app. It took us a while to understand Telegram and configure it. Now it’s our favorite app. MeWe also has been reliable and very much structured like Facebook. It’s Parler that’s been so disappointing since coming back. Gab is like an afterthought and is haunted by many deplatformed entities. Kudos to Andrew Torba though for building it from scratch. Sometimes it’s up, sometimes it’s down. Both have issues with uploading content.

So guys, all our content will be on Telegram and MeWe. We hope the freedom continues and that nothing happens there. Being on Facebook is akin to constantly looking over your shoulder to make sure no one is following you with a knife. It’s the opposite of what it claims to be. It is NOT a welcoming community. Twitter is like walking on ice while fending off pretentious trolls. You can’t post certain stuff so we post intermittent rounds of drinks and food to liven up the feed. An occasional cat vibing video too. Our growth on Twitter is stymied. Don’t know how people get thousands of follows. Clearly we are shadowbanned there as well.

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Free Speech Zones

See you in the free speech zones…


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Gab: @amgachi (Shattered World Media)

Parler: @MediaShattered

Twitter: @MediaShattered

Not too shabby but the cup has been redesigned.
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  1. Thanks for not giving up! Your incisive wit and fervor has been the polestar that’s led me through the darkest…

We Are Ripe for War

The news has always been catastrophically depressing.

But I’ve noticed the vibe of news stories especially of this year to have taken on an alarmingly disturbed pitch.

I cannot flip on the news channel nor can I look at my FB feed without reading or seeing something that resembles a dystopian story from an acid-induced trip to Mad Max or the Hunger Games.

Complete strangers are killing each other other trivial things.

People fist fight each other on social media with words.

Cruelty abounds when it comes to how we treat each other on every level and the other species that co-exist with us.

The planet is turning into a trash heap.

A little more and the dam will break.

We’re ready for war.

I’m not talking teeny tiny I-don’t-know-it’s-happening war.

But all-out doomsday.

I hope I’m wrong but probably onto something here.

Let’s hope, yes hope.
I still do that sometimes. Hoping humanity changes it’s ways before it’s too late.

The Age of Offense

Welcome to the Age of Offense.

If you’re offended already by this post then I am equally offended that you haven’t even given it a chance.

But that’s okay, I am not offended. Really, I’m not.

However society increasingly is.

Just what is offense?

Why are our interpersonal relations with fellow citizens in a supposedly civilized society tainted with the spirit of offense?

Annoyance. Resentment. All brought about by a “perceived” insult or disregard to one’s “standards”.

Couple of key words there.

“Perceived”. How many times have you misperceived someone?

“Standards”. We don’t have one set of standards necessarily.

It’s not surprising that this 21st century social phenomena is occurring.

However offense is also defined as “a break of law or rule; an illegal act”.

Since there are no saints in leadership, or true leaders for that matter,
it’s not surprisingly that what goes on at the top trickles down to the rest of us.

And we have every wrongdoing going on left and right.

Just read your Facebook newsfeed and you’ll be wanting to shut yourself indoors permanently.

It boils down to how we treat each other. If we weren’t doing such a shoddy job of it, I think we wouldn’t have so much offense to pass around.

So if you find yourself getting the least bit offended by others, stop and think is there something about yourself that may offend them.

Post your offenses below. Ready, aim, fire!