The powers that be really want America to be a racist country. I have never seen so much manipulation of a story and selectively ignoring facts about it as I have with the spa shooting spree in Atlanta.

Clearly the young man who killed eleven people has mental illness. However his motivations were not because of race. He has sexual addiction problems and 4 of the people killed just happen to be Asian. None of the media has talked about the other 7 who were killed. What races were they?

The media and clown politicians all ran with this tragedy to shout from their soapboxes, podiums, pedestals and loudspeakers that it’s because America is a racist country and of course, the man is white so naturally, it’s white supremacy too. You know if he was something other than white, well we wouldn’t really hearing much about it, would we?

This is the unfortunate poison that has seeped into everything. In schools, in the workplace, businesses, government, everything. Everything and anything is racism. All revolves around skin pigmentation. We really have hit rock bottom. This is the most excrutiating thing to watch the end of the American empire? Dream? A slow descent to 21st century Communism styled in a color revolution.

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