NYC Out of Control

Murders Up 97%

Shootings Up 64%

Burglaries Up 34%

city skyline at nighjt
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A video posted on Shattered Media’s Facebook page has garnered over a million views.

Filmed at night in Harlem, a guy strikes a girl with his skateboard and walks off.

The girl is left lying on the ground not moving. You could hear laughing.

The video has gone viral on several platforms. It struck a deep chord within many at it’s sheer brutality. Comments poured in inquiring as to the status of the victim and whether the perpetrator was arrested.

I can say with veracity that the perpetrator has not been arrested even though there is an open probe with the NYPD and an online petition calling for his arrest. The sad fact is that he may never be apprehended for this incident simply because New York’s finest is retiring en masse and crime has skyrocketed to alarming levels.

Just casually perusing through NY Daily New’s site and you can see the scope of overwhelming crimes occurring every day. Failed leadership under Mayor DeBlasio and calls for cutting $1 billion from the NYPD budget have created a ‘doomsday scenario’ for Manhattan.

Here’s a list of recent crimes. Don’t hold your breathe reading it because the list is never-ending.

  • Ex-con wanted in broad-daylight double murder in Brooklyn.
  • Bizarre shooting of 4 soccer players in Central Park.
  • Woman critically wounded in double shooting outside Brooklyn housing project.
  • Hit-and-run driver struck and killed Bronx pedestrian.
  • Woman stabbed in Queens subway.
  • 1-year-old boy died at hospital was murdered in Brooklyn home.
  • Man stabbed in Harlem subway.
  • Queens man beaten by roommate dies of injuries.
  • Baseball bat-wielding attacker sought in unprovoked Bronx assault.
  • Girl, 7, grazed by bullet in East Harlem shooting.
  • Queens mom delivering food for coronavirus charity struck, by drunken driver, critically wounded.
  • Family saves screaming girl, 7, from man who tried to kidnap her from Queens home.
  • Man left with knife sticking out of head by Harlem mugger in ICU.
  • Illegal fireworks sparked blaze that destroyed Bronx apartment.
  • Suspects wanted for illegal fireworks that injured 3-year-old boy.
adult alone anxious black and white
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Had enough? I could go on.

Back to that viral video, it too hit me hard. Videos like that traumatize the viewer as well. Humanity has lost it’s way, but realize this, there have always been people who don’t live as civilized humanity. They are called criminals, cretins, miscreants and delinquents for a reason. The one aspect of social media is that it connects you to people that you would never socialize with in real life.

There are many who feel the anguish of what’s happening all across the country and it comes through when videos go viral. We want to alleviate the suffering and squash the evil happening around us. People want to enact good against this growing tide of madness. People want justice.

Let’s hope we are not too late to stop the tide.

~Shattered World Media.



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